Alright…I wanted to give you folks some idea of who I am, other than just some schmuck who writes a blog that few people read and even less comment to.

Work: At various times in my past, I have been…a ranch-hand, a security guard, a manual labourer, a cashier, a pizza delivery boy, a gas jockey, a helpdesk slave, a helpdesk manager, a webdesigner, a perl programmer, a sysadmin and unemployed.
Sleep: I sleep an average amount but dream incredible dreams. Dreams are like movies to me. How would you like to go to a quadruple feature every night? Obviously my subconscious likes sci-fi.
Past: I grew up in Merritt BC Canada, which is a little pocket of redneckism in a vast, untamed, and very boring land. I spent a lot of my youth failing school and using substances that youth are not supposed to use. I have two brothers, two sisters. I am 4th of 5 which, when I say it, always sounds like a silly Star-Trek-ism. I married in November of 2002 . We met over the internet, as all geek couples should.
Future: More grey, less hair. More space, less worries. More time, less pressure.
Present: I just spend my time doing work, and relaxing when away from it. Or at least attempting to. I’m not that great at dividing such things. My life is a whole life, not a disjointed set of unrelated events. I just will continue to try and make myself happy while trying not to make too many other people unhappy.
Thought: Too many to count. I’ve got more ideas that I can possibly follow up on. Want a free one? Sure: There needs to be someone who makes a company designing cool and interesting 404 error pages on the internet. They are a hugely untapped viral marketing resource.
Action: A few things I’ve recently been doing: kites, drawing pictures on the beach, fixing my car up a little, cleaning up my blog visually, trying to sort out the many things I am interested in.