Good Bye Message

Hate to say it, but Geekly is effectively dead.

There’s a lot of excuses I could give, but really it’s the result of a direct and intentional choice to have a happier life. I could continually write about the stuff that bothers me about the world and complains bitterly at evil, greed, injustice and apathy…but really I’d rather do something fun with the far-too-few years I have available on this planet.

As such, I’ve started┬áSuper Happy Fun Time┬áto blow off some steam, and am trying not to care if it succeeds or not. I may fail at that, but that’s quite alright too. Chastizing myself is pointless and rather pathetic activity. You’re welcome to participate (submissions welcome) there.

The content currently here will probably remain as long as I want to keep paying the yearly domain registration cost. If you care to throw me some bucks to make absolutely sure it remains, feel free, but I’m not stressing over the money nor the possibility that the content will disappear.

If you still seek seriousness, there’s a crapload of more serious people on the internet willing to give it to you. I’m just not really into being one of them. I wish you luck on that though anyhow!



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